4020 Mylar Speaker for GPS Naveigation

4020 mylar speaker is a speaker driver unit with a square shape, 40mm length and 20mm width, fabric diaphragm, used for digital devices, such as computer, laptop, GPS, Digital frame and so on.

We have a customer called Careland, this company is very famous in China for GPS naveigation, GPS need mylar speaker driver unit because it has audio navigation, Careland asked our engineer to help their QC team to develop one new speaker driver for their new GPS device, this GPS device need a mylar speaker with size of 40mmx20mm, Careland did a handmade sample by 3D printing machine, on the sample they leave the hole and space for 4020 mylar speaker, the power and impedance from PCB board is 4 ohm and 2W, the requirement is the low frequency for human voice must be clear and high degree of reduction of the voice.

We did 4 options of 4020 mylar speaker driver unit, with different mylar material diaphragm, different size of magenet. The F0 is very low to have a nice low frequency performance. After some testing, Careland told us that the testing for all the models is not good, then our sales and engineer go to Careland office in Shenzhen. Careland showing us their sample and testing, the performance is really not good, frequency is high but not loud, distortion is high. Our engineer carefully checked their handmade sample, and talked with Careland engineer, they also has mylar speaker samples from other suppliers, we tested all the mylar speakers at their office, but we found the testing result is not good. After getting their permission, we got mylar speaker part from their handmade sample to our factory, and promissed to send back with good mylar speaker within 8 days.

Our engineer carefully checked the structure of the sample and our mylar speaker, finally they found that the mylar speaker box is not sealled, it is almost open inside the GPS device, means that the mylar speaker and GPS do not forms a speaker box, that is why the quality is not good. Based on the structure and size of the mylar speaker part on GPS, our engineer designed and did a handmade soundbox sample, tested and adjusted the sound quality to its best point. We took the sample to our customer on the 5th day, all the testing is much good, what our customer need to do is changing the sound box structure inside the GPS device according our engineer suggestion.

About 2 months later, the GPS device was finished, we tested the sound quanlity when we send mylar speaker goods to them, the human voice is much clear, almost no distortion, no matter for male or female, sound quality is perfect for both.

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