New Φ6mm micro speaker driver unit for TWS wireless bluetooth earphone(model number RB-E06016F-036AR-C1), diameter is 6.0mm+/-0.2, total length is 9.1mm+/-0.5. Why is this Φ6mm micro speaker 9.1mm length? because this unit is the combination of Φ6mm micro speaker and the front case of TWS earphone, the 6mm speaker unit is settled inside the TWS earphone front case, this is much convenient for earphone factory to assemble the TWS earphone, and the sound quality is better and stable.

For a single 6mm mylar dynamic speaker, the size is diameter 6mm+/-0.2 x 3.8mm+/-0.3 it, plus the plastic mylar speaker housing, the total length is 9.1mm. The plastic mylar speaker housing is the front part of the earbuds, 6mm mylar dynamic speaker is inside the plastic mylar speaker housing, with wire leads.We produce this mylar speaker set according to customer requirement, except for 6mm mylar dynamic speaker, we need to make the mylar speaker unit housing, it is a plastic part, need a plastic injection tooling, we have the plastic injection machines, because our other mylar speaker models need plastic parts too.

6mm mylar speaker is mainly used for TWS wireless bluetooth headsets, different TWS wireless bluetooth earbuds has different design, the dynamic speaker housing is also different, our customers need to set the 6mm mylar speaker inside the mylar dynamic speaker unit housing themself, but they are not as expert than us, that is why some of our customer require us to make the 6mm mylar speaker unit and speaker driver housing together, we set the 6mm mylar speaker into the speaker unit housing before sending them to our customer, our customers only need to combine speaker unit parts with other parts of the TWS earbuds.

For 6mm speaker driver unit, we can change the frequency response, sensitivity, impedance according to customer special requirement.
If customer has special requirement for speaker driver unit housing, please send us the design, we will make plastic injection tooling and produce the plastic injection parts for speaker unit. Plastic injection tooling usually need about 20 days to finish, we can send sample to customer within 25 days.

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