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VOZ Electonic Co., Ltd is a manufacturer founded in year of 2005, Taiwan company. Professionally manufacturing all kinds of Micro Speakers, Mylar Speakers and Earphones. The company has Four branches, totally has 860 workers, including 15 Engineers and 31 QC, has 20 production lines, production capacity is more than 100 000pcs/day. We have ERP production management system, SIO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

VOZ Electonic Co., Ltd company started manufacturing micro speakers from year 2005, including Mylar Speakers, Mini Box Speakers, Oval Speakers, Iron Micro Speakers, Round Audio Speakers, Plastic Micro Speakers, Square Speakers, Multimedia Speakers, Dynamic speakers and Receivers.  We have mylar film producing machines, Plastic injection machines, Metal stamping machines, CNC engraving and milling machines, RoHS testing machine, Laser engraving machine, Life testing machine, High-Low temperature test chamber, Cold and heat shock test equipment, Micro speaker testing machines, Fully automatic magnetizing machine, Automatic spot welding machine, Ultrasonic riveting machine, Magnetic circuit machine, Automatic spot mylar file machine, Automatic coil winding machine, Automatic gluing machine, Six-head automatic coil winding machine, Mobile phone mylar speaker automatic production line, 6mm earphone micro speaker automatic production line, Halogen free testing machine, drop testing machine, Air tightness detector, Automatic mylar flim and coil combination machine, Automatic frequency sweep oscillator, Salty spraying tester, Image measuring instrument, Polarity testing machine, Anechoic Room. Cable tension tester, Artificial ear audio testing instrument and so on.

Quality control. Our QC department has IQC, IPQC, FQC, Instrument administer, Laboratory administrator, QC system administrator, Statistical analyst & Customer service administrator. We have full and complete inspection for each of the micro speaker we finished before stocking in warehouse.

R&D. We have 15 rich experienced engineers and 3 engineer assistants. When we get the requirement from customer, sometimes with drawing of micro speaker when there is a special size requirement, our engineer will check and analyse (make tooling if needed), give a detailed solution to customer. Mostly, we ask our customer to send us their digital device, and tell us their sound requirement, our engineer will check and match the right speaker unit with their digital device, maybe more than one options to customer for checking, we totally keep customer digital device secret.

Development process as below:
Design Micro Speaker Size and configuration -> Magnetic circuit system design -> Mylar Film design -> Making Samples and Testing -> Send samples to customer.

VOZ Electronic Co., Ltd company started earphone manufacturing from year of 2009. professionally producing wired earphones, earphone with remote control, Sports earphones, wireless sports earphones, WTS wireless earphones, WTS active noise cancelling wireless earphones, Dual Dynamic driver earphones, Balanced armature driver earbuds, treble driver earphones.  Because we are also a micro speaker manufacturer, we have the advantage of speaker unit for earphone, all of our earphone is using our own micro speaker unit, high quality and cost competitive. We only do high quality earphones.

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