12mm Micro speaker driver unit, which is specially designed and developped for active noise cancelling earbuds or active noise reduction headphones, in general,  this kind of micro speaker driver unit is designed for ANC function, we can call it as ANC mylar speaker, Mylar speaker for ANC headphones/earbuds.

Currently, because Iphone has an earbuds with ANC function(Active noise cancelling), ANC earbuds is more and more popular, because Ipod earphone is the direction of hte headphone/earbuds industry, almost all the headphones/earbuds in the market is following ipod earbuds. Now iphone earbuds has ANC founction earbuds, so we specially designed and developped this 12mm mylyar speaker unit for ANC earphones.

The feature of the ANC micro speaker driver unit is that the sensitivity on the low frequency range(0-700Hz) is high, our 12mm micro speaker driver unit has an everage sensitivity of 109dB, the frequency range curve is smooth and flat in the low frequency range of 0-700HZ too. As an ANC micro speaker driver unit, the low frequency part must be has a high frequency and flat smooth frequency curve, so that it can counteract the most of the ambient noise, then earbuds would has a much better ANC founction.

This 12mm ANC function speaker dirver unit is made from plastic housing, lightweighted, which is about 1.0g. It is 32 ohm to have a smooth and flat low frequency curve. 2-5mW.

Except this 12mm ANC function micro peaker driver unit, we also developped 10mm and 13mm mylar speaker driver unit for ANC(active Noise cancelling) earbuds. Our engineer group has the ability to design and develop new ANC speaker driver unit according to customer requirement.

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