Find out how silicone eartips affect sound quality

The main parts for composing an earphone is dynamic speaker unit, cable, earphone case, eartips or earcushion. The main reason in-ear earphones can improve sound quality is that a soft silicone eartip has been able to play a better sound insulation and anti-leakage effect than traditional eartips. Silicon eartip has a long leading tone tube, this sound leading tube can reach deep inside the ear. Silicon is soft and elastic, the outside surface of the silicon eartip closely contact with skin, so it is an enclosed space, the tube from silicon eartip perfectly connects to auditory meatus. That is why in-ear type silicon eartip can improve the sound quality a lot.

There is two different material for in-ear type earphone eartips, one is silicon, the other one is memory foam.
1. Memory foam in-ear eartip is made of foam, this kind of foam is much soft and elastic, if we press it into a flat shape, it will recover immediately when the pressure is removed. Foam is much soft, so wearing in ear is much more comfortable than silicon eartips. Except for that, because foam has a sound-absorbing effect, the foam eartips filters out excess noise, the sound quality is more clear and soft. However, because it is foam material, the lifespan for a foam eartip is about 1 year only, some low quality foam eartips has a much shorter lifespan, and most of the foam eartip is not waterproof. Foam eartip is much more expensive than silicon eartip, that is why usually expensive earphones are with foam eartips.

2. Silicon in-ear type eartips is made of soft silicon material, as we know that silicon is soft and rich elastic, but with a little bit of rigidity comparing to memory foam eartips. The most popular silicon eartip is Bullet shape silicon eartips, looks like a bullet and mushroom, this bullet silicon eartip fits the ear very well, not much pressure feeling, but fits well, not easy to drop off from ear. And because the bullet silicon eartip can reach deep side of ear, the noise insulation is much good, the sound quality is much better as well. However, because in-ear type silicon eartip is go in deep side of ear, just like a tube, the sound pressure to ear is usually higher than other type of eartips, so there is a suggestion that listenning to in-ear earphones for no more than two hours at one time.

Silicon earphone eartips usually has 3 sizes, they are Large, Middle and Small size, usually the middle size is on the earphone, the small size and large size is on a small bag for spare and options. There are also one layer silicon eartips, two layer and three layer silicon eartips, for two and three layer tips, the layer on the top of the silicon eartip is smaller size than that on the bottom, because our ear holes are small inside and big outside, multipe eartip layers has a better noise insulation and better sound quality, but most people do not like it due to much higher sound pressure to ear.

How to check the quality of the silicon eartips ?
1. Material rebound strength is good, long-term stressing without deformation
2. It has good extension tensile force and can be stretched for a long time and rebound
3. The material is not too much soft or brittle
4. No broken cracks and raw edges

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