Now, our strong engineer team have a new technology for increasing the performance of the dynamic speaker.
We have analyzed in detail the implementation of the new technology in our 10 mm speaker. It is a dynamic speaker of conventional design with a magnet, metal parts and voice coil so implementation is possible. We have done magnetic and acoustic measurements to check the implementation in the 10 mm speaker as well as a CAD drawing. There are no clearly visible magnets and voice coil in our speaker drawing. When making CAD drawings, we used the existing dimensions of the plastic housing of our 10 mm speaker to implement our magnetic motor with new technology. The results of our analysis are:
1. New technology improves speaker sensitivity over a wide frequency range.
2. The phase difference depends mainly on the diaphragm. The new technology does not directly affect the phase tolerance but allows the use of a lighter and smaller voice coil, which indirectly improves the phase coil compared to a conventional speaker.
3. The new technology gives lower distortion in wide range compared to a conventional speaker especially in the lower and mid frequency range.
The material for presenting the new technology and implementation is complete and the result is really very good! Increased the SPL output in a wide frequency range, phase tolerance and THD distortion are possible with the technology.
Another testing sample for the new dynamic speaker technology as below:
We had a project, one of our customer needed the 6mm speaker 115SPL at 100HZ.
Our new technology can meet the requirements of 115db per 100 Hz for all speaker sizes of 6, 8 and 10 mm. From the diagram, a 6 mm speaker per 100 Hz lacks some 3-4 db that we can add with the new technology. The new technology is currently improving the low frequency range of 20 -200Hz as well as the rest of the frequency range. We will add the increase in decibels in the 100 Hz bass required by 6 mm speaker with new technology in the existing dimensions of  our speakers. The same goes for 8 and 10 mm and other speakers at 100 Hz.
New Technology for Dynamic Speaker
Name Result
SPL: Inreased by 15-20%
Frequency Range: Inreased by 15-20%
THD: Reduced by 2-3%
Phase: Reduced by 4-7%

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