Dual Driver Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphone NV-W28

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Model : NV-W28


  • 1. Bluetooth Version: Jian Rong 6691D V5.0
  • 2. Frequency range: 2.400- 2.480GHz
  • 3. Support agreement: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • 4. Battery capacity: 3.7V/110mAh
  • 5. Max. effective diatance: 10 meter
  • 6. Calling Time: More than 6 Hours
  • 7. Music Playback Time: More than 6 Hours
  • 8. Standby Time: More than 150 Hours
  • 9. Charging Port: Micro USB
  • 10. Charging time: 1.5 Hours
  • 11. Micro Speaker Driver: 4x6mm Dynamic
  • 12. Impedance: 7.8Ω+/-15%
  • 13. Frequency response: 20-20KHz
  • 14. Sensitivity: 93dB+/-2
  • 15. L/R Tolerance: <2dB
  • 16. Distortion: < 0.1%
  • 17. SNR: ≧75dB
  • 18. MIC sensitivity: -42dB +/-3
  • 19. Operating temperature: -10- 40℃
  • 20. MMCX Plug


  • 1. Dual Dynamic Driver 4xΦ6mm
  • 2. Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • 3. IPX4 water-proof protection
  • 4. MMCX Plug

Frequency Response


  • 1. Dual driver wireless sports earphone. Each of the two earbuds has two pieces of diameter 6mm micro speaker driver, these two 6mm speaker driver is next to each other inside the same one earphone housing, looking from the transparent earbuds front plastic case, the two speakers looks like two big eyes, nice and beautiful!
  • 2. There is totally 4 pieces of 6mm micro speaker driver for one piece of this wireless bluetooth earphone, each single earbud housing has 2 piece of micro speaker, these 2 speaker is a little different from each other, the audio focus is different, so that the sound output can have a better performance.
  • 3. Dual driver earphone usually has a much better sound quality than single driver earphone, has a real crystal clear stereo sound.
  • 1. Classic sports earphone design, large earbud body fill the whole ear, stucking in the outer ear cavity. That is why it is called as sports earphone. It has a better noise isolation and better performance!

MMCX connector. Can change the earbuds or cable with your other MMCX earphones, for sound quality comparing, or for different sound quality options, or for different color matching options.

Hanging around neck design, light weighted, comfortable feeling on neck. Two pieces of controller boxes, one is for bluetooth5.0 PCB board, the other one is for 110mA battery. All the control buttons is on the bluetooth PCB board controller box.

User Manual

1. Use

Serial No. Item Name
1-1 Listening Music and Make Calling Dual Dynamic Driver Wireless Sports Earphone

2. Structure

Serial No. Item Spec.
2-1 Parts
2-2 Net weight Earphone:25.5g

3.Technical Parameter

No. Item Specifications / Parameters Remark
3-1 Bluetooth chip Jian Rong 6691D V5.0
3-2 2.4G frequency range: 2.400- 2.480GHz;
3-3 Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
3-4 Operating temperature: -20- 40℃;
3-5 Earphone charging voltage: 5VDC;
3-6 Discharge operating voltage: 3.7VDC
3-7 Shutdown current 3uA
3-8 Working current: 22mA Test when playing 1kHz 0dB signal
3-9 Standby operating current: 14-16mA Connection Current
3-10 Charging time 1-1.5h
3-11 2.4G Receiving sensitivity -80dB<0.1%BER
3-12 Input power: ≤10mW
3-13 Degree of separation: >40dB
3-14 SNR: ≧75dB
3-15 Distortion: 0.1%
3-16 Frequency hopping rate: 1600/S
3-17 Bluetooth supporting HFP,HSP,A2DP,AVRCP.
3-18 Modulation mode GTSK,4DQPSK,8DPSK
3-19 R/L SPL tolerance <2 dB
3-20 Effective distance: 10m Open Space
3-21 Continuous talk time: More than 6 hours 70% volume test
3-22 Music playing time: More than 6 hours 70% volume test
3-23 Standby time: 150h
3-24 Battery capacity 3.7V/110mAh
3-25 Horn impedance 16Ω+/-15%
3-26 Micro Speaker Driver Φ6mm Composite Diaphragm Dynamic
3-27 Speaker Driver Size Φ6mm
3-28 MIC sensitivity -42dB +/-3
3-29 Charging Port:interface: Micro USB

4.Various physical testing

No. Project Specification
4-1 Vibration experiment In the vibration tester, apply the specified vibration force in each direction for 2 hours
After that, the function and structure are completely normal. Vibration: 10-55Hz, amplitude: 1.5 mm, time: 2 hours.
4-2 Noise tolerance experiment After entering the maximum allowable noise of 24h, it is still normal.
4-3 High temperature and high humidity preservation experiment With the relative humidity of 45+2 is 95%, the environment is kept for 96 hours, and then stored for 24 hours at room temperature and under constant humidity, there is no problem in appearance and sound quality.
4-4 Plug Testing Put the plug into the socket vertically and hold the plug for 30 seconds with a 10 N (1kg) force. Use this weight in four directions: top, bottom, left and right. There is no bad contact in the socket.
4-5 Cryopreservation Testing After 96 hours of storage at -25 ±2 ℃ and then 24 hours at room temperature, there were no problems in appearance and sound quality.
4-6 High temperature preservation experiment Save 96 hours and then place 24 hours under normal temperature and humidity without any problems with appearance and sound quality.
The maximum signal input at 60 ±2 ℃ will not cause any problems.
4-7 Temperature cycle experiment It was stored at -40 ℃ for 0.5 hours, then at 70 ℃ for 0.5 hours, and then for 20 cycles, and then kept for 24 hours at normal temperature and humidity. There were no problems in appearance and sound quality.
At the temperature of -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, there is no problem when the signal input is maximum.
4-8 Drop test Fix a rigid board horizontally, drop it on board in a natural way at a height of 1m, drop three times, wire rod should be the same as when packing shipment. Test results: no problem with sound quality. No appearance damage, due to cyclic test surface marks or indentation can not be regarded as defective or undesirable.
4-9 Cable hoisting experiment The wire increased 0.5 KG and lasted for 1 minute without abnormality.
4-10 Cable-swaying experiment The weight bearing is 100 g, the pendulum is 120 degrees / min, and the swing is 2000 times.
4-11 Plug Insert and Extract test Plug insert and extract for 3000 circles, quality is ok


6.Structure. Specification

NO. Name Spec.
1 Bluetooth headset Receiver
2 USB charging wire Charging cable 30cm length

7.Product user manual

For more details, please refer to the user manual:

  • 7.1 Press power key 3 seconds for turning on, press power key 3 seconds for turning off
  • 7.2 First set the phone to Bluetooth function, then turn on the Bluetooth feature of the phone, long press Bluetooth headset boot button power for (6 seconds) until appearing red and blue lights shine alternately, and the bluetooth headphones create cues sound, and the headphones are pairing with phone..
  • 7.3 Connect the headset to the phone in Bluetooth match. Note: sometimes the password “0000” may be required.
  • 7.4 The blue light is on after the match is succeeded, and it will shine every 3 seconds
  • 7.5 Press the power button for calling and calling off.
  • 7.6 Adjust the volume according to your own needs ( “-” for increasing volume, “+” for decreasing volume).
  • 7.7 There is button of Next song and Last song, click it according to your need.
  • 7.8 When the built-in battery is running short of power, a warning tone will appear.
  • 7.9 Red indicator light will be on when charging, green light will be on when Charging is finished.

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