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VOZ – Leading Balanced Armature Earphones Manufacturer In China

VOZ Electronic Co., Ltd is one of the leading and demanding balanced armature earphone manufacturer and supplier of China. As a leading and top rated china balanced armature earphones supplier Company our main motive is to manufactured the originally designed for hearing aids and other vital communication devices. Our manufactured China Balanced armature drivers deliver improved accuracy, authenticity, and clarity over conventional dynamic drivers. They are incredibly compact and lightweight, so they have less power to produce more exceptional performance.

In our high quality china balanced armature earphones, the cable is equipped with protected headphones to eliminate the disturbance generated by the local electromagnetic interference. This is especially advantageous for longer cables sometimes used on over-ear headphones when combined with an acceptable balanced amplifier or recording. Many headphones are upgradable by connecting headphones update cables aftermarket.

What Make Us Incredible Balanced Armature Earphones Supplier In International Market?

As a leading and most prominent Balanced Armatures supplier in the international market. Our company offering the best quality China balanced armature earphones worldwide at reasonable prices. We have 20+ production lines and a team of 900+ people working tirelessly to create and deliver the world’s best product at your doorstep. Our manufactured balanced armature earphones use an electric signal to vibrate a tiny reed within one small structure positioned between two magnets. The reed rotation is moved to a very rigid diaphragm of aluminum. The diaphragm in the audio band is clear of unwelcome resonances, helping it to deliver outstanding visibility.
A balanced armatures earphones may also be incorporated in a widely called a hybrid earphone with an established dynamic amplifier. The balanced armature drivers concentrate on this setup on the vital high-end segment of the audio range, adding a new degree of transparency and realism.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are fortunate to have approximately 20 years of comprehensive experience in the design and production of china Balanced Armature Earphones.
  • Our staff consists of a skilled and trained balanced armature earphones manufacturer and designer with a wealth of expertise in solving challenges and developing innovative models. With the support of our extremely professional staff, we can meet our customers’ requirements.
  • VOZ is one of China’s largest micro-loudspeaker makers, micro-magnet internal loudspeakers, and Balanced Armature Earphones supplier, manufacturing top-quality magnet loudspeakers, mylar microphones, earphones and headsets for more than ten years in reasonable prices.

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