Oval Speaker Driver Unit

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VOZ Electronic Co, Ltd. is involved in the manufacturing, assembling, designing, and supplying excellent quality Dynamic speaker driver unit for over 14 years. We continue to produce better than before oval micro speaker with an aim to develop and provide speakers that represent the core essence of music with accumulative precision and spirit.

VOZ endeavors hard to provide its customers with quality loudspeakers with a distinctive musicality, built with the raw materials of the highest quality. With our 14 years of experience, we have gained unique sound expertise that grants extraordinary sonic authenticity and details. We have a prominent place in the global market as oval speaker driver manufacturers.

Our High-Tech Products

Since the inception of VOZ, it has ensured to make technological exploration and innovation its basic principal priorities. VOZ keeps on developing an excellent quality oval loudspeaker unit with the objective of furnishing the global music-lovers natural sound with the highest quality possible.

Our Distinguished Features

Recognizing and cherishing its position as the most admired oval speaker driver unit suppliers, VOZ is eager to mature its products in accordance with customer demands. We are proud to have an enthusiastic team of skilled engineers and technicians who are constantly seeking to revamp and innovate the products for betterment. This is the part that makes VOZ Audio Speakers unique. Each component of our oval speakers is carefully designed, engineered, and manufactured, rendering the technical aspects to bring out the best.

Our prompt and reliable services

VOZ is the leading 15mm oval speaker unit manufacturer, which continuously invests in contemporary technology to continue to improve its acoustic expertise. Playing music with high-quality sound has never been easier before. Connect your micro loudspeaker and experience your favorite songs with clear voice quality.

Benefiting from our experience and dedication towards innovation, our manufactured round audio speakers are equipped with the most contemporary technologies that can efficiently offer you the best of music and fun.

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