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VOZ Electronic Co., Ltd is one of the leading automotive wiring harness manufacturers and Wire harness suppliers in the international market. Electronic cable connection or electronic wire harness are the two most common terms used to define the multiple Wire Harness Assembly in a precise manner or pattern to provide either signals, power or both to any product. The wire harness connection is an essential part of control panels, control boxes, or for the inside of electrical components of a finished product.

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As an internationally recognized cable harness manufacturer, we are perfectly apt to work with and supply high-grade electronic cable connections throughout the world. Our extensive range of wire connection services includes high quality engineered Wire Harness for Automobiles, Machinery, Projector, Advertising machine, Monitor, Car, Computer, trailer, motorcycle, etc. We also supply single or multi-conductor Wire Harness for Electronics, Home Appliances, Water Dispensers, Bikes, Packaging Machinery, and others. Our assembled cable harness connections are ideally suited to work in standard or hi-temperature conditions. We have a prominent place as cable assembly manufacturers in the global market. We are the market leaders among cable assembly suppliers with our best quality materials infused.

Why Us?

What sets VOZ Acoustics apart from all other automotive wiring harness manufacturers is our extensive experience and expertise to support the diverse and challenging requirements of Wire Harness Assembly. We ensure the highest possible quality of our wire harness connections through utilizing state of the art tools and processes. We take pride ourselves in the matchless quality, timely delivery, best pricing, and communication with customers. From a simple wire connection to the high temp wiring design, our company can handle an extensive range of applications for cost-effective engineering and delivery of quality wire components.

Our Wide Range Of Products

VOZ Acoustics excels at manufacturing quality Wire Harness for signal transfer, 3D printer, monitor, power devices, electric toy, medical monitors, electronic machines, electrical vehicle, air conditioner, motherboards, military equipment, power charging and data transfer, home appliance and automotive. We offer our services with minimum order requirements and to help meet the exact electronic cable harness connection needs of our customers. At VOZ, we are committed to providing all our customers and partners with the best technical support, leading-edge technology in the automatic wire connection world.

Our Premium Quality Products

VOZ has served as a top manufacturer of standard and custom electronic wire cable harness. Cable assemblies are a group of wires and cables covered by a much more rigorous exterior product. Basically, they are constructed of heavy-duty materials, including shrink-wrapped thermoplastic, vinyl or thermoplastic rubber. We are among the most premium cable harness suppliers of the industry. These assemblies offer a similar function to wire harnesses, which includes keeping cables and wires organized, but are designed for entirely diverse environments.

Unfailing Services And Prompt Delivery

VOZ acoustic being the principal voice among cable assembly manufacturers, ensure the quality standards maintained by international policies. Cable assemblies are curated for specific environmental factors, including the dimensions of the area where it’s being installed and the different types of environmental factors it’s likely to come in contact with. Due to this, cable assemblies come in many different shapes and sizes and are composed to shield the interior cables and wires from heat, moisture, friction, abrasion, compression, and other dangers. We offer cable assembly technology for different applications.

All Your Solutions Under One Roof

The cable harnesses we offer are a low-cost solution for keeping wires organized, while cable assemblies keep all of the products safe in the most extreme environmental conditions. VOZ is a prominent cable assembly supplier of the industry and provides custom wiring harness designs. We stands-out as the best cable harness manufacturers.

And manufacturing, as well as cable, harnesses to the military, commercial, and industrial markets. From simple, point-to-point, to complex multiple-branch multi-conductor and fiber optic harnesses, we provide custom wiring harness design and manufacturing as well as cable harnesses to commercial, military, and industrial markets.

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