Why needs a lighter and more efficient micro speaker? Conventional micro speaker units that are most represented in speaker installations have three important features that can be improved with new technology. The three features that can be enhanced are less weight, better efficiency, and higher SPL applicable from compression to large cone speakers. Our comparison analysis and the results presented are for the micro speaker without and with the new ferrite magnet technology, while the improvement with neodymium magnet is even greater.

Micro speaker driver unit weight reduction is primarily about the weight of a magnetic motor without sacrificing other features and compromises. Reducing the importance of the magnetic flux, especially the metal parts, enables material savings and higher profits. Weight reduction can be up to 25% and more efficient and high SPL value from a conventional speaker. Also, the density of magnetic flux is increased by a higher BL value. Weight reduction is possible for all magnetic motors used in speakers, such as magnets outside and inside the voice coil. The technology is applicable to the large and small voice coil, ferrite and neodymium magnets and magnet mounted inside or outside the voice coil.

Better micro speaker unit efficiency is reflected in the increase in BL values with the reduction of the resistance of the coil, which brings an improvement in high motor efficiency. Improving speaker efficiency is essential because of the large number of speakers in premium installations and the amplifier load.

Increasing the SPL value results from an increased BL value and a lighter moving system, a combination of diaphragm and voice coil. Improving SPL characteristics is essential in all pro Installations. With the implementation of new technology, the same Xmax with a smaller voice coil is compared to a conventional mylar speaker.

Comparative FEM analysis of two motors without and with technology is shown in diagrams for two types of magnetic motor design. The measured values are flux density in the gap, force factor (BL), and magnetic field strength (H).

We based the problem of weight reduction on reducing the unnecessary weight of a magnetic motor without sacrificing other values. The reduction was performed without the use of new and expensive materials, additional operations, and new tools.

The efficiency is enhanced by higher flux density, which gives a higher BL value for moving the same diaphragm mass (as in the diagrams). In electrical automotive sound systems where energy savings are significant, better system efficiency than multiple micro speaker is crucial.

Higher SPL value is generated by new technology and the creation of a higher BL value in the motor that pushes higher voice coil and diaphragm. More significant diaphragm movements also sell the larger amount of air we hear as a louder sound.

The micro speaker driver unit delivers the efficiency of the new technology for the best output per weight, very important for saving the energy of a portable gadget. Performance improvements as lighter and louder as required by speakers are now possible.

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