The TWS 6mm Dynamic speaker driver now is much more popular, because TWS earphone is the best seller recently, 6mm speaker driver unit is mainly used for TWS wireless sports earphones.

In order to have a better sound quality for TWS wireless Bluetooth earphones, our engineer developed 3 different kinds of 6mm dynamic speaker driver units, they are Composite diaphragm 6mm speaker driver, Graphene diaphragm speaker driver and Titanizing diaphragm speaker driver. All these three different 6mm speaker drivers share the same size and same appearance, but they have different sound quality, details as below:
1. Composite diaphragm 6mm speaker driver unit, it has a much better bass, the low frequency is deep, strong and elastic. On the frequency chart, the frequency curve on the low-frequency part is much high, the curve is from high part to low part on the low-frequency range of 20-200Hz, the curve is much smoother. However, the disadvantage of this micro speaker driver unit is that the high frequency is not much enough. So if the earphone needs a deep powerful bass, composite diaphragm 6mm speaker driver unit is the best choice.
2. Graphene diaphragm speaker driver. This speaker unit has a much better middle frequency performance comparing to the other two speaker units. Usually, the middle frequency range is 200-2000Hz, the human voice is in this part, which means that the phone calling is much clear, sound reduction degree is high. So if the earphone is mainly used for phone calling or for audio purposes, the graphene diaphragm speaker driver unit is the best choice.
3. Tantalizing diaphragm speaker driver. Comparing to other two 6mm micro-speaker driver unit, tetanizing diaphragm speaker driver has a much better high-frequency response performance. Usually, we call the frequency which is higher than 2000Hz as high frequency. High frequency makes the sound crystal clear, much better stereo. Most of the metallic sound is in the high-frequency range. So tetanizing diaphragm speaker unit has a much better high-frequency response, which increases the sound quality a lot. If the TWS wireless earphone is a dual driver version, the tetanizing diaphragm speaker driver unit is the essential one.

From the above analysis, we can see that the differences among these three different kinds of 6mm speaker driver are the diaphragm material, of course, the tone tuning paper and coil is different as well. Our engineer group can adjust the sound quality according to customer requirements.

VOZ is a large micro-speaker driver manufacturer, we can produce more than 3000 000pcs 6mm speakers per months. We are manufacturing a 6mm speaker driver unit for Jabra wireless, we offer Jabra 40000-50000pcs 6mm speaker driver unit each day.

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