TWS wireless headset is more and more popular now; it is a true wireless Bluetooth headset. Now, a lot of customers need TWS wireless headset to be with ANC function(Active Noise Cancelling) because customer needs a quiet space when they are in the street, on the airplane, on the metro and other noise places. VOZ is a professional mylar speaker driver unit manufacturer specially producing dynamic speaker for earphones and headphones, our engineer team designed and developed some speaker unit for ANC using of TWS wireless earbuds, such as 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, and 14.2mm mylar speaker driver unit.

As an ANC speaker driver unit, the quality control requirement is much higher than the ordinary dynamic speaker, the special requirements as below:
1. Usually, the active noise canceling frequency range is 50-1000KHz, the most noise is in the frequency range of 100-200Hz, this requires the ANC mylar speaker has to have a flat and smooth low-frequency response, to have a much better ANC result.
2. The tolerance of the SPL(sensitivity) in the frequency range of 50-1000Hz should be less than +/-2dB. Because it is the ANC mylar speaker making a sound that counteracts the ambient noise, the ANC microphone receives the ambient noise and translate it to a sound signal to ANC mylar speaker; then this ANC mylar speaker makes a sound to counteract the ambient noise, that is means the ANC Dynamic speaker driver must have a low tolerance for the sound output, now the standard is +/-2dB. If the tolerance is bigger, the extra sound is noise itself.
3. Because TWS wireless Bluetooth earbuds are much smaller, it has not much room for ACN mylar speaker, so the ANC dynamic speaker unit must be as small as possible, especially the thickness, usually the thickness is less than 3mm. Our TWS ANC mylar speaker is thinner than 3mm, especially 12mm and 14.2mm ANC mylar speaker driver unit.
4. No matter analog noise reduction or electronic noise reduction, when the acoustic engineer is setting the date of the TWS ANC, the settings must be base on the date of the ACN mylar speaker. Our engineer team has the ability to help our customers to set and adjust the ANC function to reach its best point because we are mylar speaker driver unit manufacturer, and we have ANC engineers.

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