TWS earbuds are becoming more and more popular nowadays, as it is available with a 6mm dynamic speaker. The TWS earbuds are now designed with an even bigger dynamic speaker driver unit, in order to have a better sound quality, for example, 8mm dynamic speaker, 9mm dynamic speaker, and 10mm speaker unit. The latest TWS earphones are fabricated with two dynamic speakers. We design these two dual dynamic speaker unit TWS wireless earphones, a 6mm+6mm speaker unit, and a 6mm+8mm dynamic speaker unit. The reason to have a dual speaker is that it has a much better sound quality than a single speaker driver’s wireless Bluetooth earphone, and also a much better clear stereo sound.

In order to create the high-end TWS earbuds, recently, our engineer team has designed and developed a hybrid speaker unit TWS earbuds. This is a three version of hybrid driver TWS earbuds. The first one is a single balanced armature driver (BA)+6mm dynamic speaker unit; the second one is a dual BA+6mm dynamic speaker unit, and the third one is a triple BA+6mm dynamic speaker unit. Hybrid TWS earbuds are high-quality Bluetooth wireless earphones. We have designed the balanced armature driver close to the soundhole inside the Hybrid TWS earbuds because the BA speaker driver has a much delicate voice. The SPL is smaller compared to the dynamic speaker driver.

The BA speaker is towards the TWS earbuds’ soundhole, or the BA speaker is backward to the soundhole; both are fine, but the sound quality is different. The 6mm dynamic speaker unit is on top of the BA speaker inside the TWS earbuds. It can be noted by some that the BA speaker may block the sound from the dynamic speaker because the BA driver is above and very close to the dynamic speaker, but it is impossible as we only need bass from the dynamic speaker, BA speaker is much smaller than the dynamic speaker, and BA speaker only covers the center part of the dynamic speaker. The dynamic speaker creates bass from the outside part of the diaphragm, that is why BA drivers do not have any effects on the dynamic speaker. The bass usually is diffused and not well directed.

Our engineer group can do both OEM and ODM. We can work with our engineers on their new designs and keep all the information secret.

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